Organic Vs Commercial Soaps

 Organic Vs Commercial Soaps: 
4 Surprising Things You Need to Know


Chances are, you use soap every day.  

You use it when washing the dishes, doing the laundry, or taking a refreshing bath. Soaps come in all forms, fragrances, and colours, so differentiating them should not take much effort. 

However, with all the soaps available in the market today, how could you possibly choose the best one? More importantly, how can you ensure your skin is well-protected and well-cared for by the soap you're using? 

Well, the answer is pretty straightforward: less is more. The fewer chemicals present in your soap, the more you lessen the chances of any adverse reactions with the ingredients involved. 

That is why you'll never go wrong with organic soaps as they are infused with natural ingredients and have little to no additives. So when selecting what product would work gently on your skin, natural is the way to go! 

But of course, the conversation is a bit more complicated than that. After all, everything has its pros and cons. So let's try to discuss in detail what exactly differentiates organic soaps from regular ones and what each means for you.

 Let's get started!

 Commercial soaps tend to exclude glycerine.

 Glycerine is known as an excellent moisturiser as it helps your skin retain moisture for a long time. It, therefore, induces skin hydration and softening.

Unfortunately, unlike organic soaps, many regular soaps miss out on such a helpful humectant as commercial processes are designed to specifically remove glycerin. Other manufacturers also feature separate glycerin-containing products to maximise profit more.

Commercial soaps may not even be soaps at all.

Have you ever heard that some commercially available soaps, which are traditionally marketed as "beauty bars," "cleansers," or "body washes," are, in fact, detergents?


That's right! Sadly, synthetic detergents are often petroleum-based, so they strip off natural oils from your skin, making you more prone to rashes and other skin disorders.

 Thus, you must be fully aware of the composition of the soap you're using, so you won't jeopardise your skin's overall health.


Organic soaps limit the use of preservatives.

The truth is the use of preservatives is a double-edged sword. Organic soaps add little to no preservatives, giving them a shorter shelf-life. 

However, preserving agents could have detrimental impacts when used in excess too. They can be toxic to humans and the environment.

 For instance, Butylatedhydroxy Anisole and Butylated Hydroxytoluene are added to commercial soaps to extend shelf-life. However, these chemicals are linked to hormone disruptions and liver damage.

 Organic soaps are generally healthier!

As mentioned earlier, organic soaps take advantage of natural ingredients. But what exactly do they contain?

 First, healthy oils: olive oil, coconut oil, or grapeseed oil. They are particularly important for those with acne-prone skin as these oils nourish and moisturise the skin by bringing the skin back to its natural pH levels.

Second, they contain active ingredients to combat pathogens that may cause diseases to you and your family. In this way, you will be less susceptible to infections that could lead to several complications.

Lastly, organic soaps have natural scents for soothing aromatherapy. We all know fragrance has the potential to uplift our mood in an instant. So that's precisely what organic soaps can do!

Unlike commercial products that use synthetic chemicals to produce these fragrant scents, organic soaps utilise essential oils to stimulate neurochemicals in the brain, improving your body, spirit, and mind.

Cheery Lather Organic Soaps

Now that you've known what organic soaps could do for you, it's about time to experience these benefits yourself!

Believing natural skincare is meant to nourish and protect, Cheery Lather is glad to offer some of the best handcrafted, vegan, and cruelty-free body bars you can find. 

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